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Wild About Paradise Wildlife Park Conservation

This week we share the amazing work and impact that we were privileged to support and learn more about at the Paradise Wildlife Park annual Charity Ball, helping to raise over £10,000.

Since its inception in 2006, the Paradise Wildlife Park foundation has helped many wildlife conservation projects, globally and for local conservation organisations, protecting vulnerable animals and habitats around the world. The Zoological Society of Hertfordshire (ZSH) is their registered charity with their passionate and knowledgeable team of staff and volunteers who care for endangered species in their care and raise funds to support wildlife conservation projects, both in the UK and around the globe.

The projects can range from indigenous British species, such as hedgehogs and water voles to red pandas and tigers. They have supported anti-poaching in Tanzania, Wildlife Vets, conserving rainforest and wildlife habitats, Uganda Wildlife Conservation caring for many sick and injured animals in Africa, and many more.

Their key focus and mission is for the conservation of many species, in their natural habitat, which helps to protect many threatened and endangered species. If you visit, you will see these being extremely well cared for, at the Paradise Wildlife Park, in Broxbourne, along with their sister charity, the Big Cat Sanctuary, based in Headcorn, Kent.

All profits from the ZSH Conservation Cabin go to support many great causes, their regular special fundraising events help raise funds, and attendees get to experience first-hand the conservation within their UK parks.

We joined them to celebrate with other businesses attending their annual ball for the Year of the Tiger, whilst raising funds for Wildlife & Conservation. Past ZSH events have included their Big Cat Nights, Pamper Evenings & Native Species Weekends.

Please do check their events pages for details of upcoming fundraisers, which we'd highly recommend anyone interested to go along to. There are many ways to support them which can be found here -

They are hard-working and humble about the donations that they receive, and without this, they could not continue their amazing work to support these fantastic and important conservation causes.


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