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Alloy Fabweld & Rebel Strength - The Combined Strength Behind Steel Warriors

Making Metal and Communities Work: Building lives and communities from steel away from knife crime

The article in the Guardian this week: ‘Cutting edge: turning street knives into urban gyms’ demonstrates the positive impact of this concept in helping the communities. The calisthenics gyms are a key focus for people to sharpen their skills and strength, the outdoor gyms are taking knifes off the streets and giving young people a chance and focus away from gang crime.

Steel Warriors is an innovative charity that understands what is needed on the ground to make a difference. Steel Warriors collect the knives that have been confiscated from the streets by police. Alloy Fabweld and Rebel Strength combined our skills to make the urban gyms a reality, by using our specialist expertise and knowledge to melt down the knifes, along with Rebel Strength’s skills in crafting the best British-made strength equipment to safely manufacture and install the urban gyms.

Steel Warriors is dedicated to reducing the number of young people carrying knives in the UK, by providing a free safe space, where they can talk about knife crime and provide a facility to build the physical and mental confidence to walk the streets unarmed.

London has had a knife-crime epidemic for years, so the initiative is making a real impact within the communities that they reach.

Watch our short video about our work with Steel Warriors

The outdoor calisthenics gyms have provided a lifeline for younger people. “It stops kids getting into the gang life and creates a much safer environment for them,” says Alex Thomas Kingham, 20, in the Guardian article, who trains regularly in the outdoor gym.

The urban gym has become a core focus for the UK’s up and coming calisthenics movement. Team Instinct, a group of elite athletes who compete in calisthenic events in the UK and abroad, was formed here in the past year. The team has received sponsorship from brands including JD Sports and some of its members, including its blue-haired captain Goku Nsudoh, are racking up hundreds of thousands of views on TikTok.

Alloy Fabweld and Rebel Strength have combined our expertise and ability to find solutions for more complex needs and applied these in working with Steel Warriors in the UK. We are proud to have helped by creating a solution that supports the communities in such a impactful way.

We can use our expertise to melt down weapons and collaborate with partners to make a positive impact on knife crime. This is also a call to arms for donations or sponsorships to make a larger impact on these social issues in the UK by working with Steel Warriors in key communities.

If you or your business, would love to be part of the solution that tackles these real life issues experienced in the communities across the UK, please contact Steel Warriors today.

“Steel Warriors is a great charity that are turning a negative into a positive”: Anthony Joshua, OBE, World Champion & Steel Warriors patron.

Credits: The Guardian

Photography by Bertie Oakes


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