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Sparking Careers for Our Next Generation

Investing in apprenticeships and work placements to bring young people into the business, we understand, is crucial in developing our future business and developing our industry.

Alloy Fabweld really enjoyed showcasing our career opportunities to the next generation of engineers. Sparking and discovering the next generation of talent is important in the evolution of our business and the industry as a whole. Who could be an important part of our qualified teams, bringing the designs to life and making what builds our current and future 'Built Environment'.

20+ students studying engineering, welding to fabrication from the Colchester Institute, visited our extensive group facilities showcasing - AFW works, sheet metal, assembly, Head Office, Drawing Office, Flexi Group production facilities, Rebel Strength factory, Rebel Strength gym, our Gosfield UK’s first off-grid carbon-neutral manufacturing facilities, Hunwick Engineering and an interactive Q&A with Bill Williams, Group CEO to ask their burning career questions.

Alloy Fabweld understands that in our own industry alone, skilled engineers, welders, and fabricators are an essential part of the creation of construction and architectural projects.These skilled roles span many industries such as construction, the automotive industry, the aviation industry, the marine industry, the gas and oil industry, and many more.

The students enjoyed speaking with our teams and getting hands-on with our latest technology, and machinery. They gained a greater understanding of the processes within the different businesses. The feedback was that this offered them a real-life understanding of working in the manufacturing industry and paved their next steps for their important steps into a manufacturing careers.

Without these skilled people, many essential everyday life things that we all rely upon could not exist - buildings, staircases, lifts, trains, cars, kitchen appliances, vehicles - to space travel.

70% of all manufactured products across the globe are created by these skilled trades.

With 2023 looking really busy for our businesses, it is important we help younger talented sparks join our businesses and grow their experience and skills with us as we expand even more.

Here you can find our current Apprenticeships


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