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Addressing The Fire Safety Regulations

With our fully-compliant fire-rated non-slip aluminium decking systems

Alloy Fabweld have been addressing the positive change in the building regulations on behalf of a number of our clients. We are now engaged in a number of balcony decking upgrade and remediation projects.

Working closely with our specialist supply-chain partners to remove and dispose the non-compliant timber and composite decking systems and replacing these with our fully-compliant fire-rated non-slip aluminium decking systems.

The recent article in Construction News highlighted how the fire at New Providence Wharf in Poplar was spread due to the 'timber balconies' helping the flames spread from the eighth to the eleventh floor.

The biggest change since GrenFell was that the Builiding Safety Bill is creating a Building Safety Regulator within the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

The new regulatory body is responsibility to make ‘in-scope’ buildings safer, defined as 'multi-occupied residential buildings of 18 metres or more in height, or more than six storeys'.

There is around 13,000 buildings in the remit of the Bill, as these buildings present a higher risk, because fire or structural failure could lead to multiple fatalities.

The Bill also introduces an "accountable person" for tall buildings, this will be the owner, the building leaseholder, or the management company. The accountable person’s role will include helping to maintain the information flow between the duty holders at all stages of construction and occupation to avoid major safety lapses. They will also be responsible for ensuring residents’ safety and consulting with them.

To enforce the new rules the regulator can introduce sanctions including notices, fines and imprisonment. It will also be responsible for promoting competence among building and maintenance professionals and higher standards across the built environment.

If you want an informal chat on how we can help with remedial decking, please contact: or call our office on : 01371 878 600

Delivering the best-value safe-solutions for our clients: Designing - Manufacturing - Distributing Sustainably-Engineered Products at our 100% Green off-grid production facilities


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