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Unveiling the Manufacturing Industry Leaders: Dominic Gray and Lewis Little Triumph at the Top 100

Last night, the Manufacturing Industry's crème de la crème gathered at the prestigious Manufacturer Top 100: 2023 ceremony.

Where two remarkable individuals stole the spotlight for our group of businesses:. Dominic Gray and Lewis Little emerged victorious, capturing the coveted titles of Inspiring Leader and Young Pioneer, respectively. It is with great pride that we congratulate them on their well-deserved triumphs.

The Manufacturer Top 100, now in its tenth year, celebrated these extraordinary individuals as part of Manufacturing & Engineering Week.

This exclusive event recognises those who go above and beyond in their pursuit of excellence, showcasing their unwavering commitment to the industry.

Dominic Gray, Engineering Director at our esteemed sister company, Hunwick Engineering, within the Alloy Fabweld Group, emerged as a true beacon of inspiration and was crowned the award of Inspiring Leader at the Manufacturer Top 100. This esteemed accolade is reserved for those visionaries who not only generate wealth and employment within the UK manufacturing sector but also invest fervently in enhancing their business's value through people, processes, and technology.

Dominic shared: “I have a passion for engineering and have developed many skills and experience over the years. Constant problem-solving makes me tick; there is always a solution with continuous learning and a constantly changing industry. Developing management skills and processes and further developing the team I work with have been the highlights of my career. I encourage educating the next generation through work placements and apprenticeships to further bolster the future of UK manufacturing”.

Lewis Little, a brilliant Draughtsperson at Alloy Fabweld, has proven that age is no barrier to making a monumental impact. With his remarkable achievements, Lewis was rightfully bestowed with the Young Pioneer Award. This accolade acknowledges individuals who, despite their younger years, have made exceptional contributions, igniting a beacon of inspiration for the future of manufacturing in the UK.

Lewis shared: “I've always been a hands-on person, so I think I naturally fell into construction. I started off in the workshop but have since shifted to the design office to develop my career and understanding of all aspects of what we manufacture. I'm passionate about the industry and I love being in an environment where we constantly try to be innovative with our design and manufacturing processes”.

In Dominic Gray and Lewis Little, we see the embodiment of excellence and the driving force behind innovation in the manufacturing industry. As their achievements reverberate throughout the sector, we celebrate their success and eagerly anticipate the transformative impact they will continue to make in the future.

This year's Manufacturer Top 100 ceremony relocated from Liverpool to Birmingham and shifted from November to June, becoming an integral part of Manufacturing & Engineering Week. The event recognized the challenges faced by manufacturers in the digital age, as they grapple with digital transformation, reducing carbon footprints, global supply chain disruptions, and an expanding skills gap. In response to these pressing concerns, the Manufacturer Top 100 awards included categories such as net zero heroes, innovators, and digital transformers, honoring those who strive to resolve these industry-wide predicaments.

The Manufacturer Top 100 was conceived to address the dearth of visible role models in the manufacturing industry. These awards serve as a platform to showcase the most inspiring individuals in the field, shedding light on their enthusiasm and dedication. Moreover, they dispel the notion that manufacturing careers lack excitement, competitive remuneration, and fulfilment.

Nominated by their peers and evaluated by an expert panel, the 100 finalists represent the pinnacle of the UK manufacturing industry. Whether they pioneered their companies' digital transformation, championed the pursuit of net zero emissions, or made their mark as innovators, these individuals embody excellence. The Manufacturer Top 100 epitomises the diverse array of talent present in the manufacturing industry, celebrating both budding professionals and seasoned veterans who have achieved greatness.

The 100 finalists are grouped into seven distinct categories: Digital Transformer, Innovator, Inspiring Leader, Unsung Hero, and Young Pioneer, as well as two new categories introduced this year, Net Zero Hero and Sector Activist. By showcasing these exceptional individuals, the Manufacturer Top 100 not only honours their achievements but also inspires future generations to follow in their footsteps.

To discover more about the Manufacturer Top 100 and draw inspiration from these remarkable individuals, visit: []


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