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Elevating Unity Place - Striking Oak Staircases

Alloy Fabweld's Striking Staircases Combine Spanish Inspiration and British Craftmanship

At the heart of Unity Place are five striking staircases, expertly crafted by Alloy Fabweld, that not only serve as functional elements but also elevate the building's aesthetic appeal.

Strategically located in the active hub of Central Milton Keynes, a new architectural gem has emerged - Unity Place, Santander's vibrant workplace campus and UK headquarters. This state-of-the-art building, shortlisted for a prestigious global architecture award, was designed by LOM and Osborne+Co., and it embodies the spirit of unity and collaboration.

Uniting Design and Contrast

Drawing inspiration from Spanish design influences, the staircases at Unity Place boast an exceptional blend of elegance and contrast. Crafted using English Oak and adorned with stunning steel handrails, they exude a timeless appeal. These eye-catching staircases create a focal point within the building's atrium, encouraging occupants to embrace physical activity and opt for the stairs instead of the elevators, aligning with the building's wellness strategy.

Innovative Manufacturing Process

Alloy Fabweld's commitment to excellence is evident in our manufacturing process. The staircases were carefully fabricated off-site as modular sections, ensuring precision and quality. Expert craftsmen meticulously assembled each component, even carrying parts of the Oak by hand up the many staircases, resulting in a seamless integration of design and functionality. The sections were then transported to Unity Place, where they were carefully lifted through the atrium roof void for final installation.

Atrium Splendor

The atrium at Unity Place plays a pivotal role in the building's overall design concept. It allows natural light to permeate into the building, creating an inviting and refreshing atmosphere. The extensive floor-to-ceiling exterior glazing further maximizes breathtaking views and connects the occupants with the surrounding environment. Adding a touch of architectural finesse, the atrium features open trusses and decorative balustrades, showcasing Alloy Fabweld's attention to detail and commitment to delivering a truly remarkable space.

Milton Keynes' Urban Legacy

Unity Place pays homage to Milton Keynes' visionary urban planning heritage. The building's design, housing the exquisite staircases, reflects the city's iconic grid structure. Comprising four geometric linear blocks separated by three green atria and landscaped terraces, Unity Place seamlessly blends modernist architecture with green spaces. This unique integration enhances the building's aesthetic appeal and complements the surrounding landscape.

A Center of Innovation and Well-being

As Santander's hub for digital banking innovation, Unity Place is more than just a workplace. It symbolizes a commitment to staff well-being and community engagement. With 5,000 workstations spread across its eight stories, the building offers a collaborative and nurturing environment. The ground floor amenities, including an urban market, retail outlets, health facilities, and a community hall, further invite the public to experience the vibrant atmosphere. Sustainability is also a core objective, with Unity Place aiming to achieve a BREEAM 'Excellent' rating for its environmental performance.

Alloy Fabweld's Commitment to Sustainability

As a key contributor to Unity Place's sustainable design, the Alloy Fabweld Group ensures that environmental consciousness is at the forefront. The staircases, manufactured at their carbon-neutral off-site production facility, exemplify the company's dedication to reducing its carbon footprint. By aligning with BREEAM and WELL standards, Alloy Fabweld adds unique value to the project, emphasising our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Unity Place stands as a testament to the harmonious fusion of design, functionality, and sustainability. The Alloy Fabweld Group's contribution to this remarkable project through their exquisite staircases showcases their craftsmanship and commitment to excellence. As Unity Place continues to inspire collaboration, innovation, and wellness, the staircases serve as a lasting symbol of unity, connecting people and spaces within this exceptional architectural masterpiece.


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