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Our 100% green powered manufacturing site has been extended to facilitate production line manufacturing techniques and the use of robotic welding technology.


We have significant under cover lay-down, fabrication, assembly and storage areas. These support the adoption of DFMA and modular construction techniques, facilitating the storage of large-scale pre-assembled components and structures.


This enables just in time deliveries into town centre or highly constrained construction sites.


Alloy Fabweld Limited are fully aligned to the current industry trend of volumetric off-site production processes and techniques. Our approach is to always consider a Design for Manufacturing & Assembly (DFMA) and modular construction and assembly process.

Positively challenging manufacturing and assembly costs whilst improving manufacturing techniques and production outputs, with the additional benefit of enhancing our product quality, environmental compliance and the safety of our operations.


As a business, we specialise in DFMA & Modular Construction methods and techniques, a cost-effective trend in building construction. We are already involved in a number of individual projects, significant frameworks and joint venture initiatives with industry leading contractors and design consultants.

We continually investigate every opportunity to develop off-site solutions, including, walling systems, balcony, kitchen, bathroom, or accommodation‘pods’ for single, or multi-storey structures.

We have adopted DFMA and Modular Construction on a number of past and current projects and can provide demonstrable evidence of the effectiveness, and benefits of adopting off-site design, manufacturing and assembly techniques.


Our in-house design and engineering team utilise the latest design software to produce 3D models of large components and assemblies.


The output from which feeds directly into our fully CNC controlled state-of–the-art manufacturing equipment maintaining the dimensional stability and quality of our products.

Stratford Residential Tower Blocks Balconies

Stratford Riverside 30-storey residential block utilising modular construction.


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