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We actively engage with the community on a local, national and global scale, it drives an important impact on society.

It is amazing what can be achieved when businesses and the community come together to make a difference. This is part of our ethos and our 'Why' of 'Making Communities Work'.

From our own charity Hashtag Big Smile 'changing our world, one smile at a time' to local community support and fundraising events that all make an impact and difference to all those we help.

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Alloy Fabweld actively look for ways that we can adapt our expertise in 'Making Metal Work' to support 'Public Realm Artwork' such as the The Dove and Perch community projects that made a true statement and lasting impact within the communities of London and Dunmow.


Alloy Fabweld contribute in funds, support, volunteers and any way that we can to support genuine high impact projects and charities like - Street Warriors, St Clare Hospice, local communities and Hashtag Big Smile. All of these causes have our 'Why' at the heart to make a difference in areas locally and globally.

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