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The Sky is Not The limit for Alloy Fabweld

NO6 Skybridge

We are proud to have manufactured and completed the safe and successful installation of NO6 Skybridge.

Working in collaboration with Mace, Walsh Engineers and McGee Structural Engineers, the bridge connects two residential towers at levels 10-12 on the Mace East Village scheme in Stratford.

The sizeable bridge structure is 6m high, 6m wide and 26m long on a 26 degree pitch was fabricated, test assembled and trial lifted by Alloy Fabweld offsite.

The bridge was fabricated in two sections, within our 100% ‘Green’ solar energy powered, carbon neutral manufacturing site.

2 sections weighing 22 tonne and 39 tonnes respectively, were lifted within required tolerances utilising specialist frames and rigs. The bridge glides on specially designed shoes allowing for 106mm ‘X’ axis movement.

The safe and successful installation of the N06 ‘Skybridge’ demonstrates the competency of the Alloy Fabweld Team to deliver challenging and complex projects at height.


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