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Sue walks 10k to help the homeless

Helping raise funds for Shelter contributing to the £618,000 raised!

Well done to our fabulous PA, Sue Baker, who challenged herself and walked 10k to support the homeless.

With over 4000 sleeping rough in England. The pandemic shockingly increased this to a household in England became homeless every 4 minutes! Just let that sink in!

A household in England became homeless every 4 minutes at the start of the pandemic!

Sue joined the nationwide effort to fight homelessness – by doing her own walk for Shelter.

It just goes to show how we all play our part and we can make a difference and thank you to everyone that supported Sue and donated toward this great cause.

We all know how cold, hungry, lonely and even more scary it must get this time of year for the homeless.

Well done Sue! We are super proud of you.

Find out more about the fantastic work Shelter are providing from these funds below :-


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