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Staircase Takes Centre Stage at Weston Homes

Alloy Fabweld take centre stage of Weston Home Group’s new headquarters

Alloy Fabweld are honoured to take centre stage of Weston Home Group’s new state-of-the-art headquarters with their feature Helical Staircase.

The helical staircase was designed, crafted and installed with our specialist expertise working with the client to design the perfect feature staircase that complimented the building features.

Not only does it have to look stunning, we ensure that all our solutions meet all the necessary standards and safety requirements.

With our sustainable manufacturing and specialist manufacturing techniques and machinery we support clients with all of their architectural needs.

We love to work on any complex projects and design solutions, in fact the more complex the better to get our design and solution ideas out into the world.

Watch how the graceful helical staircase was specialist designed, crafted and installed:

We work to transform complex engineering needs into the best value safe solutions for our clients.

Alloy Fabweld Group

Design | Manufacture | Installation

The best sustainably-engineered products

If you require our expertise and support for your projects or require hard copies of our brochures or any further information on the above, please contact:, or call our office: 01371 878 600


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