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Alloy Fabweld Showcase Our Stunning Staircases at Southbank Place

Making staircases work through design, manufacture & installation by our specialist teams

Working collaboratively for 3 years with Canary Wharf Contractors and their design team, Alloy Fabweld utilised their extensive design and engineering expertise to overcome complex design issues, and ensured a safe and successful outcome through the trial erection of each stair at works prior to final installation on site.

The project benefitted from Alloy Fabweld's expertise in designing spiral and helical staircases. The stairs were designed, crafted and installed complete with complimentary balustrades and handrails aligned to the clients design intent and required aesthetics.

Working extensively at Southbank Place, Waterloo, the staircases were installed within blocks 4A, 4B, 6 & 7. Large spiral stairs and balustrades were installed within the reception areas of Blocks 4A & 4B,with smaller spirals and handrails installed within each of the £17M luxury ‘Duplex’ apartments.

The Southbank Place scheme took full advantage of Alloy Fabweld's unique ability to roll form spiral and helical stair stringers ‘In House’ to exact and controlled tolerances.

Southbank Place is located on the site of the pioneering Festival of Britain which took place in 1951 and was inaugurated by King George VI. The festival was conceived as a celebration across London and the UK to showcase the very best of British talent and vision within design, architecture, art and culture.

Focused on London and the South Bank, the festival left a lasting legacy with the opening of the Royal Festival Hall and therefore reinforced the South Bank’s reputation as the epicentre of culture within London. The spirit of innovation captured by the Festival of Britain and exemplified by the hovering Skylon is reflected in the design of the buildings and interiors of Southbank Place.

Alloy Fabweld - Making Staircases Work

Simple or complex in nature, the Alloy Fabweld specialist team of Engineers thrive on challenging staircase projects

Whether straight, curved, simply supported, cantilevered, spiralled or helical in configuration, Alloy Fabweld can offer 3D fully modelled and engineered design solutions. Alloy Fabweld will also provide a wide range of staircase and balustrade configurations in a variety of metal, glass and timber finishes.

We are unique in that we have the necessary production equipment in-house that enables us to roll form our own large-scale helical staircase stringers, ensuring quality and reducing lead in periods.

Our Staircases brochure can be supplied, please contact Les Purdy, below for a copy, or click here for an overview: or call our office on : 01371 878 600

Delivering the best-value safe-solutions for our clients: Designing - Manufacturing - Distributing Sustainably-Engineered Products at our 100% Green off-grid production facilities


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