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Residential spiral staircase, Tottenham

We are proud to share the completion of the two-flight access spiral staircase to the dwelling extension in Tottenham.

Albion Design is the Specialist staircase division of the Alloy Fabweld Group. They have recently completed an elegantly designed, domestic staircase with an industrial-designed flavour to suit the client's design brief.

Using mild steel components with a galvanised industrial finish to complement the remainder of the building in Tottenham, the staircase was designed to be fully compliant with BS 5395. Complete with Durbar plate treads and access platforms, vertical bar balustrade at maximum 100mm centres to comply with current building regulations.

Modern and sleek staircases add a truly unique look and feature to any residential build, whether it is a new build project, extension, or as part of an interior makeover, whether spiral or straight flight in design.

Albion Design offers more than 30 years of expertise in creating stunning staircase designs that make a spectacular centerpiece for any residential development and are popular with many of the UK's leading house developers for their high-quality manufacture and installations.

We offer a full design service to provide individual commissions for that unique finish. Each Albion staircase can be fully customised with different handrail, balustrade, and tread options to enhance any renovation project. We take special care to survey your property and plan the design of your staircase on a 3D computer programme for client approval prior to manufacture.

Once manufacture the staircase is handed over to our experienced installation teams to ensure the installation is trouble-free. Alternatively, our staircases can be made available in a 'ready to build' kit form with full fitting instructions for self-assembly to suit any floor-to-floor heights.

Albion Design offers complete spiral staircase solutions from initial site survey and design to staircase manufacture and site installation. Our inspiration comes from the creation of new and innovative staircase designs.

We provide a full design, manufacturer, and installation package - liaising with clients, architects, engineers, and contractors at all times to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.

Throughout each stage of the process, the technical team at Albion Design is on hand to guide customers through Building Regulation requirements and can assist with computing individual geometry requirements to provide bespoke staircase solutions.

Bespoke, custom-made staircases are manufactured using a wide range of materials including glass, stainless steel, and wood. More information is available on the bespoke page.

Our staircases fully comply with current Building Regulations under British Standard 5395: Part 2. High-quality manufacturing processes ensure top-quality components provide remarkable value for money. This is advantageous over self-build kits that would not meet these high standards. The balustrade and tread risers on all of our domestic staircases comply with the '100mm maximum gap rule' for the protection of young children.

Albion Design and Alloy Fabweld are on hand to help with any of your staircase manufacturing inquiries, you can contact


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