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Modular goes green

Using our modular expertise for Telford Homes City North at our 100% green powered facilities

Alloy Fabweld continue to demonstrate their expertise in modular construction methods, with combined, balcony and Briese Soleil module assemblies for the Telford Homes City North project in Finsbury Square, London, N4

Benefitting the construction programme we manufacture, assemble and store offsite, for call off.

On our 100% Green powered manufacturing facility, over 55 acres, in Halstead, Essex.
Reducing our carbon footprint, our impact on roads, local communities and on-site congestion.

We are extremely proud of our green credentials which enable us to fulfil our power requirements from renewable energy sources. 

Every aspect of our renewable chain is totally under our control, from planting the seed of the plant that feeds our Anaerobic Digester, to the electricity in our production facilities on site.

In addition to our large Solar Farm and Anaerobic Digestion plant, we have adopted other key energy saving practices, surplus energy goes back to grid to supply energy for approximately 3,545 homes.

Saving a huge 165,000 tonnes of carbon over the next 25 years as part of our environmental commitment.

To support our clients new and existing projects or opportunities, Alloy Fabweld have created a business resilience team to provide ongoing Technical, Design and Estimating support during the Covid-19 lock down

If you require our support for your projects, please contact: or call our office on : 01371 878 600

Alloy Fabweld have created work from home platforms and are ensuring the safety of our teams by complying with enhanced Covid-19 measures currently in force in our offices and on construction sites where still open.


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