Making Communities Work


Alloy Fabweld wanted to support their local community and what better way than to help with a considerable donation of funds for the 'Grow Your Own Giveaway Project'. This is part of Great Dunmow Town Council’s wellbeing project for helping those more vulnerable, by providing them with grow your own food packages.

The local community and businesses came together to support this project, local sources were used and there was a great enthusiasm to be involved, with many providing food at no charge or very low cost. The local primary schools have been growing food and gardening as part of their curriculum and because of the provisions provided at the event, they were able to expand their projects further.

It is amazing what can be created when local businesses and the community come together to make a difference. This is part of our ethos and our 'Why' of 'Making Communities Work'.

The initiative provided seedlings, grow bags, canes and plant food to the residents of Great Dunmow, as part of the project, the Council wanted to engage with residents who are considered vulnerable. Each pack consisted of two grow bags, a tomato plant, another large vegetable plant, along with herbs, spring onions and lettuce, all given for free to help the local community.

The council supplemented the grow bags and plants with canes, clips, plant food and provided instruction sheets. This expanded the provision and buy 250 grow bags. Many local residents grew plants from seed to support the initiative as well.

"Growing your own plants and food has long been proven as a positive source of nutritional food support and that has great benefits to mental health."

Alloy Fabweld always actively look for ways that we can adapt our expertise in 'Making Metal Work' to support Public realm artwork such as the The Dove and Perch community projects that made a true statement and lasting impact within the communities of London and Dunmow.

Along with contributing to genuine high impact projects and charities like - Street Warriors, St Clare Hospice and Hashtag Big Smile. All of these causes have our 'why' at the heart to make a difference in areas locally and globally.

We also support our local communities by utilising our production facilities on the UK's first carbon-neutral off-grid large-scale engineering facility.

Our Solar Panels produce enough electricity to power 3,545 homes. Our Anaerobic Digester provides electricity for 619 homes per day and thermally heat around 150 homes per day.

Delivering the best-value safe-solutions for our clients: Designing - Manufacturing - Distributing Sustainably-Engineered Products at our 100% Green off-grid production facilities

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