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Making Staircases Work

Simple or complex in nature, the Alloy Fabweld specialist team of Engineers thrive on challenging staircase projects

Whether straight, curved, simply supported, cantilevered, spiralled or helical in configuration, Alloy Fabweld can offer 3D fully modelled and engineered design solutions.

Alloy Fabweld will also provide a wide range of staircase and balustrade configurations in a variety of metal, glass and timber finishes.

We are unique in that we have the necessary production equipment in-house that enables us to roll form our own large-scale helical staircase stringers, ensuring quality and reducing lead in periods.

Our Staircases brochure can be supplied, please contact Les Purdy, below for a copy, or click here for an overview:

We work to transform complex engineering needs into the best value safe solutions for our clients.

Alloy Fabweld Group

Designing - manufacturing - distributing - the best of sustainable engineered products

To support our clients existing and new projects or opportunities, Alloy Fabweld have created a business resilience team to provide ongoing Technical, Design and Estimating support during the Covid-19 lock down

If you require our support for your projects, please contact: or call our office on : 01371 878 600

Alloy Fabweld have created work from home platforms and are ensuring the safety of our teams by complying with enhanced Covid-19 measures currently in force in our offices and on construction sites where still open.


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