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Increasing capacity at Poplar DLR

Preparing for future travel at Poplar DLR Station

Canary Wharf Contractors engaged Alloy Fabweld and we have achieved a key milestone with the installation of the new bespoke stainless steel cable management system.

Works were complete on the underside of the new stairs and adjoining bridge at Poplar DLR Station. During the current Covid-19 crisis Alloy Fabweld have continued to work on site responsibly under strict social distancing guidelines.

Working collaboratively with Canary Wharf Contractors, to increase stair and lift capacity at the Poplar DLR station, improving the passenger experience travelling to and from Canary Wharf.

To support our clients existing and new projects or opportunities, Alloy Fabweld have created a business resilience team to provide ongoing Technical, Design and Estimating support during the Covid-19 lock down

If you require our support for your projects, please contact: or call our office on: 01371 878 600

Alloy Fabweld have created work from home platforms and are ensuring the safety of our teams, by complying with enhanced Covid-19 measures currently in force, in our offices and on construction sites where still open.


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