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Alloy Fabweld gift helps raise funds for St Clare Hospice

Alloy Fabweld donated an iPad this Christmas to St Clare Hospice online auction, raising almost £3,000.

St Clare Hospice work tirelessly to help others when a family member falls unwell, providing important services not provided for by the NHS.

St Clare is heavily reliant on the ongoing support. Coronavirus means fundraising events are cancelled or postponed having a huge impact on their income.

They estimate that the Coronavirus pandemic could lead to a £100,000 gap in our fundraising income, a donation help St Clare to be there for the people who need them most.

St Clare provide free, compassionate care & support to adults with life-limiting illnesses, their families and carers. Their moto is 'Hospice care is about life & living'.

St Clare Hospice is a local charity and each year they care for hundreds of people across West Essex and the East Hertfordshire border. Providing free, compassionate care and support to adults with life-limiting illnesses, their families and carers.

St Clare not only provide important hospice care but also a multitude of services such as Hospice at Home Care for personal and social care, Support Helplines. Community Services, Inpatient Day Therapy and ongoing support to families.

St Clare are desperate for help in these challenging times.

Donating to St Clare Hospice means that they can continue providing our compassionate care and support to those facing a life-limiting diagnosis and their loved ones.

No matter how large or small, a donation means so much to the local families who need their support Thank you for your support.


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