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Floating Pavilions Sail into Canary Wharf

We are proud to have been the main contractor utilising our 100% green energy manufacturing techniques.

Utilising our expertise and knowledge to design, manufacture and install the new steel structures within the floating concrete bases. The project is based over 5 phases from hull level to roof level.

The two steel and glass pavilions, fitted out with seating areas, open-end balconies are connected by a series of bridges, boardwalks and pontoons. In keeping with the Estate’s green credentials and low impact materials, such as sustainably sourced timber and aluminium extracted from hydro sources.

Canary Wharf’s residents, workers and visitors will soon experience these amazing venues.The floating pavilions include a conceptual bar, restaurant and lifestyle venue opening at the end of 2021.

The twin structures were towed via the River Thames to their new home; Water Square in the heart of the Estate’s newest waterfront neighbourhood. Designed to reflect both Canary Wharf’s modern urban style and the history of its waterways. The pavilions are part of a long-term sustainable communities that support a healthier future for our cities.

In addition to our green manufacturing of the structures, the main energy will be provided from Combined Heat and Power (CHP) network. All of these steps work towards the target of a BREEAM Excellent rating, which would rank the pavilions among the top 10 per cent of buildings in terms of sustainability performance.

All residents and visitors to Canary Wharf will be able to have a closer relationship with the water and experience the historic dock in the flagship venue in Europe. The floating pavilions are more than just a bar and restaurant, they will have a one-of-a-kind distillery and a range of dining experiences and the most progressive bar in the region.

Of equal importance is the provision of only ethical supply chains. There will be art and music, atmosphere and energy; and plenty of opportunities to make up for lost time with friends and family.

For and informal chat about your specialist architectural metalwork needs please contact: or call our office on : 01371 878 600

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