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Cosmopolitan Development of City North, Finsbury Square, London N4

Alloy Fabweld showcase their multiple metal expertise of balconies, balustrades, brise soleil & feature staircases

Working collaboratively for 2 years with Telford Homes, Alloy Fabweld utilised their extensive design, manufacture and installation expertise to overcome location access issues, covid shutdown restrictions by carefully managing the build around the clock in order to deliver the project to key deadlines.

We enjoyed working with Telford Homes on the design, manufacture and installation of balconies, balustrades, brise soleil, canopies to reduce heat gain and provide a design style to the buildings, privacy screens, cat (access pivot-lock) ladders and the pivotal features of the penthouse staircases. The stairs within the Penthouse feature staircase were sympathetically covered by specialist Timber treads and caps.

During the build, in addition to smart engineering solutions to enable the continuous service of the local transport infrastructure, careful optimisation of the design was made to ensure accuracy and minimise disruption.

Our approach included ways to overcome restrictive access issues to ensure successful completion, while the project was impacted by Covid restrictions, we worked with our teams around the clock to ensure we delivered to key project deadlines. Great care was taken to logistically reverse articulated lorries into the train station entrance to ensure access and reduce the impact.

City North is set across four sleek and stylish buildings including two awe-inspiring towers, the penthouse offers the very best views over Canary Wharf, the City on one side and Hampstead Heath and Alexandra Palace on the other. City North sits to the west of Finsbury Park underground station and runs parallel to a national rail line. The scheme delivered 355 homes, of which 47 affordable homes managed by Newlon Housing Trust, there is also a sizeable space of 11,781 sq.m (126,809 sq.ft) of useable commercial space with large retail brands taking their place.

The whole project delivery was carefully considered in terms of its design and construction by the Telford Homes team: the two towers are specifically designed to act as anchoring points for Finsbury Park, an area that has sometimes been considered as somewhere to transit through rather than spend time in which allows City North to become more of a pinnacle location.

Making Balconies & Balustrades Work

Fully pre-fabricated off-site in your choice of configuration, style and finish. From the design and provision of templates through to the lifting, accurate positioning and final installation of the balcony. Alloy Fabweld will work collaboratively with interfacing contractors to ensure safe lifting and optimum production output .

Our innovative modular designs meet the latest building regulation requirements and provide the necessary passive fire protection, whilst still complying with our client’s architectural concept and aesthetic intent.

Balconies can be supplied with a wide variety of balustrade types including but not limited to laminated glass, vertical bar, solid or perforated panel, complemented in a wide range of paint or polyester powder coat finishes. Alloy Fabweld are also able to offer a wide range of fire rated decking products.

Alloy Fabweld are happy to develop balcony designs and install balconies which incorporate matching rainscreen cladding systems, architectural features, or brise-soleil solar shading assemblies.

Working collaboratively with our clients and façade contractors to ensure all interfaces are identified and effectively detailed to ensure proper alignment and closure.

Making Cladding Work

Alloy Fabweld have the requisite in-house technical understanding, expertise, design software and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to successfully address and deliver even the most challenging technical requirements, complexity of shapes and configurations.

With our many years of experience, we are able to engineer cost-effective solutions, Whether an expansive area, multiple feature, stand-alone column or rainscreen cladding system. As part of our focus on DFMA and modular construction we are able to incorporate offsite cladding systems into other primary, or secondary structures such as balconies, canopies etc.

Making Staircases Work

Simple or complex in nature, the Alloy Fabweld specialist team of Engineers thrive on challenging staircase projects. Whether straight, curved, simply supported, cantilevered, spiralled or helical in configuration, Alloy Fabweld can offer 3D fully modelled and engineered design solutions. Alloy Fabweld will also provide a wide range of staircase and balustrade configurations in a variety of metal, glass and timber finishes.

We are unique in that we have the necessary production equipment in-house that enables us to roll form our own large-scale helical staircase stringers, ensuring quality and reducing lead in periods.

For an informal chat about your project needs please contact: or call our office on : 01371 878 600

Delivering the best-value safe-solutions for our clients: Designing - Manufacturing - Distributing Sustainably-Engineered Products at our 100% Green off-grid production facilities


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