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April is National Welding Month and we wanted to share our appreciation of this hugely important skilled trade to recognise the trade and the welders that help keep the country moving forward.

Alloy Fabweld understands that in our own industry alone, just how important this skilled work is. Welding is the essential, yet unseen element within most of our creations on construction and architectural projects.

Welding is also an essential component of many industries such as construction, the automotive industry, the aviation industry, the marine industry, the gas and oil industry, and many more.

Without this form of metal work, so many things that are essential in everyday life, including many buildings, gates, and fences, small kitchen appliances, vehicles - and even space travel - could not exist.

Did you know that 70% of all manufactured products across the globe are made with the skills of welders?!

So we would like to extend a special acknowledgement to our skilled welders across our businesses in Alloy Fabweld, Hunwick Engineering, Rebel Fabrications and Flexi Group, that make our business possible. The work can be a hot, sometimes difficult, challenging, demanding and a physically tasking job, but is absolutely necessary to create a large variety of products and infrastructures, especially in our business.

There are many different and specialist forms of welding for every type of structure and our expert welding teams can work across these, from x-ray welding for water-tight structures to structural welding forms such as TIG and MIG Welding along with specialist welding methods where required.

We also hope we do our bit to raises awareness about the shortage of trade skills in the welding industry and its career paths and celebrate the work of the welders who have delivered non-stop quality and built the world we live in, for many centuries.

The industry always finds there is a gap in skilled welders, and we hope that many of the next younger generations and women who have been underrepresented in welding careers, will look to our industry for a career in welding.

About the Alloy Fabweld Group (AFG)

The Alloy Fabweld Group (AFG) consists of Alloy Fabweld Ltd as UK leaders in metalwork. With a first class team specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of high quality bespoke architectural metalwork, our sound engineering, flexible manufacturing environment has produced a wide range of bespoke, cost effective designs and solutions for our customers and clients.

The Alloy Fabweld Group heritage is founded in metalwork for the construction industry, combined with our continued investment and growth of Modular (MMC Modern Methods of Construction. AFG has expanded with Flexi Group UK, providing offsite modular products; Rebel Strength, who are specialist in Strong Fitness Equipment and Livin Art providing public realm art and hand-crafted metal sculptures.

The Group holds a leading carbon positive position within the modular and construction markets with the UK’s first off-grid carbon-neutral manufacturing facility in Gosfield, Essex. Building on our community values is our charitable arm, Hashtag Big Smile, where the AFG group partner with businesses to offer corporate social responsibility opportunities and build communities for those in need, the first is founded in Johannesburg, South Africa.


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