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Alloy Fabweld are Making Bridges Work

Demonstrating some of our diverse bridge projects

Through collaboration on the design, manufacture and installation with our partners to ensure safe and successful installation of some recent iconic bridges, we are proud to detail three of our current bridge projects below.


Working in collaboration with Mace, Walsh Engineers and McGee Structural Engineers, the bridge connects two residential towers at levels 10-12 on the Mace East Village scheme in Stratford.

The sizeable bridge structure is 6m high, 6m wide and 26m long on a 26 degree pitch was fabricated, test assembled and trial lifted by Alloy Fabweld offsite. The bridge was fabricated in two sections, within our 100% ‘Green’ solar energy powered, carbon neutral manufacturing site.

The two sections weighing 22 tonne and 39 tonnes respectively, were lifted within required tolerances utilising specialist frames and rigs to help overcome logistical challenges for our client and to make this bridge installation as safe as possible.

The bridge glides on specially designed shoes allowing for 106mm ‘X’ axis movement, which is unique to allow for as much wind and gravitational movement as possible.

The safe and successful installation of the N0.6 ‘Skybridge’ demonstrates the competency of the Alloy Fabweld Team to deliver challenging and complex projects at height.

Floating Pavilions Sail into Canary Wharf produced within our 100% green production facilities.

Utilising our expertise and knowledge to design, manufacture and install the new steel structures within the floating concrete bases and adjoining series of bridge, boardwalks and pontoons.

The project provides two steel and glass pavilions, fitted out with seating areas and open-ended balconies.

In keeping with the Estate’s green credentials and low impact materials, such as sustainably sourced timber and aluminium extracted from hydro sources.

The project is based over 5 phases from hull level to roof level and Canary Wharf’s residents, workers and visitors will soon experience these amazing venues.The floating pavilions include a conceptual bar, restaurant and lifestyle venue opening at the end of 2021.

The twin structures were towed via the River Thames to their new home; Water Square in the heart of the Estate’s newest waterfront neighbourhood. Designed to reflect both Canary Wharf’s modern urban style and the history of its waterways. The pavilions are part of a long-term sustainable communities that support a healthier future for our cities.


In association with Canary Wharf Contractors, we have collaboratively designed, engineered and are currently manufacturing off site ready for installation, a 26 metre long pedestrian bridge, to allow local residents and workers access across the water, within the dock area.

The bridge is being manufactured offsite, on our carbon-neutral off-grid green production facility.

The bridge will be constructed in 2 sections for transport to site, at which point it will be fully assembled before being lifted in one piece into position. The bridge itself when installed will be circa 26 metres long x 3.8 metres wide and will weigh 46 Tonne. The bridge has yet to be installed, however as with all schemes of this nature, we continue to deliver this scheme on a collaborative basis and deliver engineering excellence.

We have the highest experience and competencies to ensure that this project will be safely and successfully delivered in this unique public environment, reflecting positively on our client's and everyone associated with the scheme.

For an informal discussion about your bridge project needs, please contact: or call our office on : 01371 878 600

Delivering the best-value safe-solutions for our clients: Designing - Manufacturing - Distributing Sustainably-Engineered Products at our 100% Green off-grid production facilities


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