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Adapting Streamlining Enhancing Modular Construction

With the current landscape shifting for many companies due to the pandemic, we understand and continue to adapt our processes and systems especially with our production line technology and modular construction processes and techniques, to help us stay ahead.

We always have a focus on streamlining and improving our offering to clients and we are pleased to share Tony Mullin is now a key part of our team.

Alloy Fabweld will be fully utilising Tony’s extensive knowledge and experience of lean techniques, quality systems and collaborative change management.

Driving further manufacturing excellence for our impressive and valued portfolio of clients.

Tony brings to the table a proven track record of delivering key strategic business initiatives, having worked as a management consultant on major manufacturing and construction projects.

We are pleased to have a senior manufacturing and operations professional on board.Tony brings over 25 years expertise behind him in leading and managing large scale production environments with Ford Motor Company, at both UK and European sites.

Our Modular brochure can be supplied, please contact Les Purdy, below for a copy, or click here for an overview:

We work to transform complex engineering needs into the best value safe solutions for clients.

Alloy Fabweld - Made in Britain members

Designing - Manufacturing - Distributing - sustainably-engineered products

If you require our support for your projects, please contact: or call our office on : 01371 878 600


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