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Worldwide Community Programs are coming....

Hashtag #Big Smile has been created alongside #Hashtag Travel to deliver high quality, high impact construction and conversation community development programs worldwide, our first program being in South Africa.

At the core of #Big Smile is our team of passionate volunteers who aim to 'change the world, one smile at a time'. All of our staff have been inspired to volunteer and aim to share their passion to help others create sustainable communities in the most needed areas around the world.

#Big Smile is a totally bespoke, unique volunteering and team building experience, where individuals, couples and corporate teams (over 35 years old) can accomplish their passion, build skills, leave a legacy and develop a strong team cohesion.

Creating unforgettable memories and life-long connections with groups of like minded people.

Starting in February 2020 (in collaboration with the renowned Footprints Foundation) we are developing a heart-centred community in Soweto, Johannesburg. Connecting the elders with the younger children to support their development, create sustainable food provisions and by building a sports community to develop their skills in football, netball, basketball, arts and many other pursuits to fuel their worldly aspirations.

The Hashtag #Big Smile website is coming soon!

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