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West Ham vs Liverpool - a teacher's treat!

We recently donated four hospitality tickets to the West Ham vs Liverpool football game to Fulham Boys School. On doing so, we received a lovely letter back from the Chairman of Governors.

"We ran a competition in school and the Deputy Head took three of the team. Incentives like this simply don't happen to teachers! I try and bring them the best of the corporate sector into my leadership and I know that has had a significant effect on teacher retainment. We have one of the lowest rates of turnover of any school (state or private) in London and this familiarity boosts pupil performance. We are a 'Free' School, publicly funded, independent school. We take the best of the private sector, the best of the state sector and add ideas of our own to truly challenge what education should be about - preparing our young men for life. Your gift really helps me build this vision and recruit/retain exceptional staff. I am truly grateful".

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