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Alloy Fabweld's exciting Joint Venture!

Local Essex Businesses join forces to bring lean manufacturing and world class processing to their business delivery

Shaun Pledger, MD of Alloy Fabweld Ltd, Will Ketley, MD of Parkhall Gosfield Ltd and the owners of Transporter Engineering are excited to announce the joint venture integration of their ‘heavy engineering’ operations under the banner of Hunwick Engineering Ltd. All other operations will remain with their current existing businesses.

Combining the large, modern workshop facilities at Gosfield Airield, along with leading edge expertise in both sectors, this new partnership will bring significant benefits to the existing work teams of both businesses; improving systems and productivity along with technical delivery and quality, whilst increasing growth and local skilled employment opportunities in the Essex area.

Both MD’s are passionate about extending their Apprentice Programs, along with further investment in Staff Training. The joint venture will bring considerable opportunities for both.

As part of this joint commitment to growth, major investment will be made in the purchasing of the latest NC CAD/CAM processing machinery allowing significant innovation and development in Modular Production for customers in both the construction and heavy automotive sectors.

From an initial combined workforce of 25, Shaun and Will anticipate the joint venture will expand the workforce to 60+ by working on the joint 2022 business vision.

Today’s announcement is the culmination of many months of hard work by both business teams and paves the way for an exciting future for Hunwick Engineering Ltd, Alloy Fabweld Ltd, Parkhall (Gosfield) Ltd and Transporter Engineering.

Both MD’s said they had considered the positive and negatives of the current Brexit status quo as part of their forward growth plans and mutually decided, unless driven enthusiastic businesses took up the mantle of developing and leading manufacturing change in the UK, what chance does the Government have of delivering success? Both agreed ‘we are all in this together’ - whatever way individuals voted, let’s make the change a positive one for all the UK!


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