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Mental Health Awareness Week

With the past 18 months, the pandemic has caused higher mental health issues for many of us..this week is Mental Health Awareness Week.

Our team organised a fun well-being competition during the lockdown to remind our teams to have fun together and to take their minds off things.

Here’s our winners & runners up of our ‘mug designing' well-being competition....don’t we have some budding creatives?!....

With thanks to the Chameleon Cafe for supplying, firing and helping judge the magnificent mugs our team designed

Here’s our winners & runners up of our ‘canvas designing' well-being competition

Mental health week is about getting out in nature this year

Here's some simple but great tips for mental health week, to get out more in nature, which we would benefit from doing in our daily life, not just for mental health week.

There’s lots of research how nature lowers stress levels especially when using all of our senses to breathe, smell, listen, look and be really in the moment.

Top tips from the Mental Health Foundation…

If you need resources, helplines and apps...


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