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Alloy Fabweld & Flexi Group UK - The Gift of Christmas

Our Christmas Tree shows the food gifts that we are donating to a value of £300 for the local Uttlesford Food Bank. We love to support our local communities every year to help those struggling especially at this time.

One story of how the local Food Bank really helps others is demonstrated with this one heartwarming story of Holly. Having always worked and never claimed benefits, Holly was working 2 jobs, including running a shop and bringing up her four-year-old daughter alone.

When her daughter became poorly and had to spend time in hospital, she was forced to close the shop temporarily. When her daughter had recovered, they returned home to empty kitchen cupboards, bills racking up and no income to support them.

Thanks to donations like this many people like Holly can be helped when they are in need. You can read more about their great support here, whether you know someone that needs support or to donate:


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