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Mackenzie Bridge

Client: Canary Wharf Contractors
Value: £432,000.00
Architect: Adamson's

Mackenzie Bridge is an integral part of the redevelopment of the Park Place site, located on West India Avenue, that contributes to the wider regeneration of the western end of Canary Wharf by introducing improved connections, public spaces, and amenities.


Working in partnership with Canary Wharf Contractors and with our key partners, SPS Technology, City Lifting, and Thortech Bridges and Marine, through to the final installation by our expert team, with assistance from VTS, providing a floating work platform/pontoon and a safety boat to ensure the highest health and safety standards. The modular bridge was manufactured by our expert engineering techniques within our large-scale, carbon-neutral, off-grid manufacturing facility.


Using the highest quality protective finishes due to the marine environment. SPS Technology, our strategic partner, provided their Sandwich Plate System, (SPS) consisting of two metal plates bonded with Elastocore®, providing the best solution to meet the required bridge movement, tension, compression, shear, bending, and any combination thereof. Thortech Bridges and Marine, provided specialist supply and installation of their Thorgrip anti-skid system, providing optimal safety to the public.

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