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Mackenzie Bridge, Park Place, Canary Wharf

Engineering excellence: manufacture, finishing, assembly and installation - made simple.

We showcase our engineering excellence and years of expertise in managing specialist teams to deliver the impressive Mackenzie Bridge, weighing 46 tons and all fully installed on-site in just 5 hours at Canary Wharf.

The modular bridge solution was made possible through our expert engineering techniques within our large-scale, carbon-neutral, off-grid manufacturing facility. In partnership with SPS Technology, City Lifting, and Thortech Bridges and Marine, through to the final installation by our expert team, with assistance from VTS, providing a floating work platform/pontoon and a safety boat.

Part of the redevelopment of the Park Place site, located on West India Avenue, contributes to the wider regeneration of the western end of Canary Wharf by introducing improved connections, public spaces, and amenities, in which we enjoyed working with Canary Wharf Contractors.

All welding of the bridge components was carried out by fully coded welders, with all welded parts of the bridge weld tested to the highest standards. Due to the more challenging elements in the environment, the bridge will be exposed to, we used the highest quality protective finishes. The applications included: shot-blasting for optimal adherence and zinc spraying to provide the highest grade corrosion resistance, specifically designed for use in marine settings.

SPS Technology, our strategic partner, provided their Sandwich Plate System, (SPS) consisting of two metal plates bonded with Elastocore®, providing the best solution to meet the required bridge movement, tension, compression, shear, bending, and any combination thereof. SPS brings structural simplicity and delivers a far lighter and thinner structural element than a conventional concrete slab. All SPS panels have an extended fatigue life, that is fully recyclable and reusable.

City Lifting, our trusted specialist large crane provider, helped deliver the test lifting of the bridge, before final transportation. Lifting the main bridge support beams and SPS landing plates with accurate positioning within the bridge structure. Our experienced site managers worked closely with City Lifting to ensure the safest and least disruptive installation for this busy Canary Wharf area.

Thortech Bridges and Marine, provided specialist supply and installation of their Thorgrip anti-skid system, providing optimal safety to the public.

A safety boat closely followed the bridge as it was manoeuvred into position, the crane carefully lifted the bridge and lowered it into its final position all within an impressive 5 hours. Onlookers were impressed at the sight of the bridge installed so quickly. This also provides a valuable time-saving of up to 20 minutes to get to their daily commute for business and pleasure.

We have the highest experience and competencies to ensure that this project will be safely and successfully delivered in this unique public environment, reflecting positively on our clients and everyone associated with the scheme.

For an informal discussion about your bridge project needs, please contact: 01371 878 600, or email

Delivering the best-value safe-solutions for our clients: Designing - Manufacturing - Distributing Sustainably-Engineered Products at our 100% Green off-grid production facilities


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