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Alloy Fabweld Group are proud to share their 2022-2030 innovation vision

Alloy Fabweld Group as a business are starting to live and breathe innovation.Shaun Pledger, Group MD Shares the Group Vision

Shaun shares how…”Innovation is born by change, change is born by need, and need more than anything else is born by a want to be different… We will lead where others will follow, we will disrupt where others cannot even consider.”

The Alloy Fabweld Group (AFG) as a group of businesses, are going to be very different, we are not satisfied with being an ordinary engineering business. We are going to be an innovation business and we are becoming an innovation business more every year with our investment in technology, expertise, application and by constantly challenging the ways of working.

This was clearly underpinned in our 25th year at the end of 2021 with winning the Top 100 Manufacturer Award as the Bold Investor in New Markets representing the very best of the UK manufacturing industry. This esteemed award was awarded to Shaun as someone who leads his businesses and has been courageous in finding new markets, increasing revenue by venturing overseas and helped reshape one or multiple markets by providing a new and competitive business model involving quality UK manufacturing.

Of great importance to our success is by consistently championing our staff and all of our people involved across our businesses, we make them better people, they in turn help us to create better businesses. AFG have five businesses now and by 2030 that is likely to double. As a Group we predict that our turnover is set to treble, and we are going to be doing things at the forefront of construction engineering in the UK.

As part of our innovation in approaching our products and services in new ways, we are going to take our clients on a journey, we are going to challenge our clients, we want to help them think differently, we are going to help make them leaner and in turn make them more competitive in their market as well.

The Alloy Fabweld Group are going to work together as we go through the 2020s, our vision is by the end of the 2020s we will be one of the stronger engineering and manufacturing businesses in the UK and probably in Europe too.


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