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Supporting the Swan Foundation

Our customer, Nu Living, part of the Swan Housing Group have a charity arm which supports the people they put into the units that Alloy Fabweld build. We love the ethos of a charity that helps to empower a strong community and were excited to help - with pursuits such as funding young, vulnerable students with construction work experience to helping finance small businesses in Tower Hamlets and the Princes Trust with challenges for young people.

We are happy to finance and support the charity over a period of 2 years. Read more about the foundation here:

Update dated 7.2.18 - We were really pleased to learn that our funds have helped towards the Children’s University which is delivered by EBP 1 Billion who approached the Foundation for a total of £4,900. The premise behind this project is that young people from deprived backgrounds are given opportunities to explore alternative career options that they might not necessarily have access to. This project helps to broaden horizons and helps to bring families together at the same time by encouraging family activities in various educational sites across London (including venues such as museums and art galleries).

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